Transgenderism and Culture


From the 1992 acclaimed movie, The Crying Game, the 1994 Australian movie, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and 1999 Oscar-winning movie, Boys Don’t Cry, to this year’s award-winning film, The Danish Girl, transgenderism has arrived. Popular culture has given us Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner, Chaz (Chastity) Bono and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning among a growing list of well-known transgendered personalities. Behind the cultural push stands social science arguing for gender flexibility in opposition to the traditional binary understanding of gender, driven by biology. This new gender theory is now widely accepted in academia and culture. It has become clear that transgender activism has followed a similar path as homosexual activism, using media, culture, education and anti-discrimination laws to secure the acceptance of the transgendered movement and the ‘queer theory’ that underpins it... [rest of the paper at link below]

Transgenderism and the gospel


Work as Ministry  - Dr Scott Rae (Talbot School of Theology)
A great talk on work as a vocation by Dr. Scott Rae at our 2015 Colloquium: Religion in the Public Square.

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Transgenderism and the gospel


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