Unsafe Schools
Visit the Australian Family Association's new site dealing with the unfolding controversy created by the Safe Schools Coalition (SSCA) program that is federally funded and taught in 500+ schools across the nation.

WARNING: Some of the material presented to students is graphic

'Un'-Safe Schools
Check out the list of articles provided by the Church and Nation Committee in Victoria. These articles cover a range of topics, including current issues faced in our country, and are the work of various people. Contributors include committee members.


List of yourCaN Articles
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This section of our website is where you will find Committee Statements on various current issues facing Australians.

These statements will be both State and National.


Gender and Marriage

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Church and State

Articles on Church and State


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Articles on Ethics


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Climate Change

Articles on Climate Change


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Friday, May 26, 2017

YourCaN - Church and Nation Committe of the PCV

yourCan is the Church and Nation Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria

Presenting the truth of God with clarity and humility.

Promoting christian ethics and in particular family values as defined in the Bible, as the necessary foundation for a stable society.

Persuading the Church and Nation of the wisdom and benefits of the biblical teachings for the common good. Moreover, we will remind the Church to pray for the civil rulers to promote good and suppress evil, as we seek to articulate and present biblical teaching on moral matters, urging and praying they be maintained or adopted for the good of our nation.